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  • If your PC is slow, you may have a virus
  • If your PC won't boot, you may have a virus
  • If the internet stops working, you may have a virus
  • If your printer stops working, you may have a virus
  • If you download free movies &music through a peer-to-peer network, you may have a virus
Viruses are sometimes automated phishing schemes to steal your identity. Or they may look like a valid antivirus program; then they try to bully you into sending money to remove the virus that they installed.
When you try to bypass the royalties rightly due artists & producers by downloading movies & music for free; unscrupulous people often use this "back door" to enter your computer for malicious purposes.
Todays antivirus software is efficient in removing most Spyware, Worms & Trojans. However many of the malicious engineers, rather than get caught, will destroy your hard drive's Master Boot Partition – AND ALL YOUR DATA
Our 10 step process for removal of viruses will restore your computer
Clean with up-to-date bootable virus sweepers               $30
Move hard drive to clean PC                                          Add $30
Remove corrupt & viral files
Copy data & settings to external storage
Move hard drive back to your PC
Install a new Windows Operating  System                      Add $30
Move data back (if not corrupted)
Move settings back (if not corrupted)
Apply Microsoft updates & Service Packs
Install and configure free antivirus program
If your hard drive needs replacing(rare) – Add $60
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